• Restoration of complete motorcycles or individual components including engine and gearbox.

  • Professional paintwork including gas and oil tanks, side covers, and fenders.

  • One of a kind logo and graphic design services, hand-painted.

The Small Print

I am a one-person restoration shop.  All services are billed on a time and materials basis.

I don't do repair work and 
I don't sell parts!

I only restore complete units, i.e. engines, gearboxes, entire motorcycles, etc.

Thank you.
How much is this going to cost?

I don't offer a flat-rate price for restoring a vintage motorcycle. I work on a strict time and materials basis. This is due to many variables including how extensive the restoration is, the present mechanical and cosmetic condition of the bike, previous work performed on the vehicle, and rarity of the bike and parts. No two bikes are exactly the same. 
 As of January 1, 2017 my hourly restoration labor rate is $50.
PLEASE NOTE: I am not a walk-in business, I do not have a store front, and I do not sell parts. I only restore British Motorcycles. If you are serious about having your motorcycle restored I welcome your inquiry. 
Thank you.

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  • Metal polishing including engine and gearbox covers, hubs, brackets, etc.

  • Updated electronics for trouble free service on custom specials or stock.

  • All new wiring harnesses where appropriate. Modified if necessary.

  • Custom fabrication work and metalwork.

  • Show chrome.

  • Stainless steel polished fasteners.
Norton • Triumph • Portland • Oregon

Services range from 100 point concours original to custom specials.